Cable telecommunication company. Installation of FTTH, GPON networks. Construction of passive optical network.

We are a company involved in consulting, designing, construction and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure, through performing construction works as well as selling GPON active and passive equipment.

We also deal with investment construction and installation of telecommunication networks:

  • Development of an ideal solution of an optical network and designing full residential areas for construction;
  • Development of As-Built technical documentation;
  • Development of optical network highways;
  • Optical cable splicing and processing;
  • DATA CENTER connecting and cabling;
  • Development of FTTH networks in residential buildings;
  • Migration and reconstruction of HFC network into the optical network;
  • Connecting and installation of equipment with the user to GPON (FTTH) network;
  • Optical fiber measuring with OTDR and development of measuring protocol.

Why work with us?

Values which are the foundation of our success are professionalism, service-oriented approach, trust, innovation, cost-efficiency and understanding the needs of our partners and clients.

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We have earned clients all over Serbia owing to the professional approach to the job we perform. Clients using our services of investment construction and installation of telecommunication networks receive professional approach at affordable prices.
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